ICARIS Services is a commercial Business Technology research, development and support organisation based on the Bellarine Peninsula (near Melbourne), Australia. There are two primary areas of activity:

In the early 1990s, the company's founder, Ken Steel, was a Project Manager in the School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineeering at the University of Melbourne examining Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce - a few years before Electronic Commerce had become really fashionable. ICARIS Services was formed in 1995 to carry on this research in a commercial environment.

B2B Electronic Commerce

The ICARIS Project has continued to study the problems involved in the interoperation of diverse business systems operated by electronic trading partners. A simple and mainly automated method for implementing B2B Electronic Commerce, known as BSI (Business System Interoperation) has been devised and a sophisticated software product has been produced to implement it.

To enable the implementation of B2B Electonic Commerce to be automated and used in an Open environment, requires a method for Uniform Naming of the the various data elements that must be interchanged between the trading partners. This proved to be anything but simple, but an automated taxonomical naming facility, named BEACON, has been developed and implemented for this purpose You are invited to use the guest password (guest@user) and explore BEACON's Business Data Register (BDR) and see how this Uniform Naming works.

ICARIS Services is currently supporting organisations to implement and carry out their B2B processes using a variety of technologies.

Design and Hosting of Web Sites

ICARIS Services has designed, programmed and is hosting web sites for a range of commercial and Community Service organisations. Our current clients include: